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    Tax Planning 2015
    Tax planning is one of the most important things a business’s owner will need to do now and in the future and in order to have a successful business you need to get it right.
    12 May 2015
    Budgeting for Success
    The start of the new financial year is the perfect time to prepare a monthly budget for the year ahead. Do it right from the start to avoid a budget crisis.
    12 Jun 2015
    Kick Start your business
    Learn how to identify areas of your business which needs urgent attention.
    12 Aug 2015
    How to maximize your business cashflow?
    Although profits from a business venture are a measure of success, the flow of cash in and out of a business can be said to be its lifeblood. Cash flow planning is critical to the survival and growth of any business.
    12 Sep 2015
    Do you have a business with high revenue, but low profit? Learn how to change it.
    Do you often ask yourself - "How can I be so busy but not making any money?" Don’t suffer in silence - A lot of businesses look great on the outside but inside are struggling. Join Derek from Twelve Chartered Accountants as he explains how he helped a client overcome their problem in two simple steps, which resulted in a profit increase of over $292,000.
    12 Oct 2015
    How to survive the January Shutdown crunch!
    I hear many business owners grumble about the Christmas Shutdown period. In this webinar I will explain that there is a lot you can do about it! Don’t just accept that your business will be disrupted this Christmas period, let me show you examples of businesses that have used this to their advantage and have thrived as a result.
    12 Nov 2015
    Do you want a $40,000 car or a $400,000 Investment Property - They cost the same
    Every year clients ask me about the merits of buying a car and the best way to finance it or claim it as a tax deduction.
    12 Apr 2016
    All your Car Tax questions Answered
    Everyone has a question about cars and tax. Some business are claiming all their entitlements, but some are not. Listen to our webinar to find out what you are missing out on.
    14 Aug 2016
    What should you do if you owe the tax office money
    In the perfect world no one would ever owe anyone money, but unfortunately small businesses often own money at the end of the financial year. Owing money and not paying on time, can not only cause you sleepless nights, but also generate fines which can break your business.
    13 Sep 2016
    Contractors! - What you should know if you are a contractor
    CONTRACTORS “Discover everything you need to know about being a contractor”
    11 Oct 2016
    Discover how a Family Trust may save you tax!
    In this webinar you will learn 1. What is a Family Trust? 2. Advantages & disadvantages of having a trust? 3. How it will reduce your tax bills. 4. How to find out if your business suites a Family Trust. PLUS MORE
    12 Dec 2016
    Top 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make
    Mistakes are part of the learning process but when it comes to owning or running a small business some mistakes, made at the wrong time, could threaten the business. Listen to our webinar to discover "The Top 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make".
    12 Feb 2017
    Want to sell your property but worry about capital gains tax? It may not be as much as you think.
    Do you have an investment property, but fear a massive capital gains tax bill that will gouge into your profit when you sell it? Watch our Webinar to eliminate your fears.
    13 March 2017
    Can I buy an investment property with my Superannuation (SMSF)? Yes you can.
    Join our webinar as Derek will explain: 1. How much money you need to get started. 2. Are you able to borrow money and how. 3. The benefits of a SMSF and how to set it up. 4. Is it right for you. 5. Things you should know and consider.
    12 May 2017
    12 Favourite Tax Tips
    Without a doubt, the most common tax question I’m asked is “What can I deduct?”, so I’m doing a live webinar on my favourite tax deductions for small business owners and the self-employed.
    13 June 2017
    What you should know when starting your own business!
    Thinking of starting your own business? Not sure where to start? Getting the right information from the start will save you money, time and heart ache down the track. Join Derek, as he explains, in an easy to understand manner the main things business owners should understand and do.
    12 September 2017
    Are your contractors really employees?
    Many business' think they are paying contractors, but really they are Employees. Its important to understand the distinction as there are hefty fines. Don't take the chance.
    October 2017
    Secrets of running a successful business! - Exposed
    Discover the secret formula Let us show you the secret formula to having a successful business! Once you understand and know the formula it will help you: 1. Grow your revenue 2. Increase your capacity and 3. Improve your cash flow.
    12 October 2017
    Discover the best way to buy a new car.
    Let us answer these questions for you. Question 1- I'm buying a new car - What name should it be in? and Question 2 - How should I pay for it.
    December 2017
    12 Best Personal Tax Deductions
    Without a doubt, the most common tax question I'm asked is "What can I deduct?", so I'm doing a live webinar on my favourite tax deductions for Personal Tax.
    12 Feb 2018
    Uber Drivers and Tax!
    Are you one of the many Australians that will earn additional income? Do you drive an Uber? Have an Airbnb? Rent our a car space? Mind Dogs for people on holidays? Make sure you understand your tax obligations.
    12 March 2018
    What to do when selling your business!
    Thinking about: Retiring, selling your business, closing the doors to your business or wanting to get your business ready for sale? There are certain things you should know to make this time in your life easier.
    12 April 2018
    Small Business End of Financial Year Tax Tips!
    Without a doubt, the most common tax question I'm asked is "What can I deduct?", so I'm doing a live webinar on my favourite tax deductions for Personal Tax. In this live webinar, Derek, owner of Twelve Chartered Accountants, will explain the main tax tips all small business owners should know and apply to their business.
    June 2018
    Payroll Tax and Contractors
    Many business owners think their contractors and sub contractors, are not included in Payroll Tax, but in some cases they are. If you are eligible and not paying, the fines can be huge. Make sure you understand how it works.
    12 July 2018
    Personal Services Income (PSI)
    Have you heard about PSI? PSI is Personal Services Income. This is income that is mainly produced from your personal skills and efforts as an individual who work in almost any industry, trade or profession. In this webinar, Derek will discuss: What is PSI? What is the Personal Services Business (PSB) test?. What are the mistakes individuals make. What you can do to avoid PSI tax.
    Sept 2018
    How to make your car a tax deduction.
    In this webinar Derek will discuss: 1. Salary Sacrifice to buy a new car 2. Companies, businesses, sole traders 3. FBT 4. How you can make your car tax deductible plus more.
    October 2018
    All your home office deductions explained!
    In this webinar Derek will discuss: 1. Tax Deductions you can claim 2. Business owners, sole traders, companies home deductions 3. Capital gains tax 4. Penalties and fines if you do the wrong thing.
    November 2018
    Taxable Payment Reporting System (TPRS)
    Is your industry - Building & Construction, Cleaning Services, Couriers , Road Freight, Investigation, Surveillance, Information technology or Security - Make sure you understand what reports you must do for the ATO. Otherwise fines will apply
    12 Jan 2019
    How small business owners can borrow money to buy a house.
    Its not an easy task for small businesses owners to borrow money from the bank, so our webinar has been designed to help you understand what you need to know and help you get approval for a personal home loan. Derek will discuss 1. How banks access your borrowing capacity 2. How you can prepare prior to loan application 3. Key things you should know 4. How a Family Trust can borrow money Plus more.
    March 2019
    Single Touch Payroll (STP) is now mandatory for every Australian businesses.
    Derek will discuss 1. Single Touch Payroll explained in a easy to understand manner. 2. What all businesses should do to get ready. 3. What you need to report. 4. The easiest way for business to report to the ATO. 5. Penalties if you do not meet deadlines. Plus more.
    12 April 2019
    How to Hire your Children the right way.
    Join Derek as he answer the most common asked questions. How old can your children be before they can be employed? How much can they be paid? Do they need to do a tax return? Do they have super paid? Can they claim their HECS-HELP debt as a tax deduction? Plus More
    12 June 2019
    12 Great Tax Deductions for Australian Businesses
    Watch our 12 Great Tax Deductions for Australian businesses, that are overlooked and may be surprising.
    20 June 2019
    New Child Care Package Updated 2019
    The new package 2018 replaces the existing Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate and the subsidy will be paid directly to the services.
    24 July 2019
    Income Tax Cuts
    The Australian Federal Government has passed Income Tax Cuts for all eligible Australians which is to take affect immediately when lodging your 2018-2019 tax returns. To help you understand these tax cuts and how much you will receive, we have recorded a short webinar.
    July 2019
    Which Business Structure is right for you?
    One of the most important aspects of starting or having a business is getting the structure right. Asset protection, Retirement options, reducing tax, increasing profits and succession planning can all be affected by having the right (or wrong) business structure. We are talking about the use a Company, Sole Trader, Trust, Partnership or a combination of these.
    15 June 2019
    What can I claim in my Tax Return?
    What individual wouldn't want to know what they can claim in their Tax Return! So Derek has decided to dedication this webinar to answer that questions. Derek will talk about 1. Travel expenses 2. Self Education expenses 3. Superannuation contributions 4. Home office deductions Plus more.
    12 August 2019
    Advanced Business Structure
    Following on from our June Webinar "Which Business Structure is right for you?" This Webinar, will take you to the next level with some creative business structures. Companies & Trusts Derek will talk about how to tailor your business structure based on your needs. 1. Asset protection 2. Family dynamics 3. Business Partners 4. Reducing tax Plus more.
    October 2019
    How to Increase your Cashflow!
    Although profits from a business venture are a measure of success, the flow of cash in and out of a business can be said to be its lifeblood. Cash flow planning is critical to the survival and growth of any business Derek will explain: 1. How to drive down your progress (WIP) days. 2.How to reduce your days in receivables. 3. Profitability, efficiency and collections. 4. Increase profitability.
    Nov 2019