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  • Family Trust - How it can save you tax.
    In this podcast you will learn: 1. What is a Family Trust? 2. Advantages & disadvantages of having a trust? 3. How it will reduce your tax bills. 4. How to find out if your business suites a Family Trust.
  • 12 Great Tax Deductions for Australian Businesses
    12 Great Tax Deductions for Australian Businesses Listen to our 12 Great Tax Deductions podcast for Australian businesses, that are overlooked and may be surprising.
  • How to increase your Cashflow
    Although profits from a business venture are a measure of success, the flow of cash in and out of a business can be said to be its lifeblood. Cash flow planning is critical to the survival and growth of any business Derek will explain: 1. How to drive down your progress (WIP) days. 2.How to reduce your days in receivables. 3. Profitability, efficiency and collections. 4. Increase profitability
  • All your home office tax deductions explained.
    In this webinar Derek will discuss: 1. Tax Deductions you can claim 2. Business owners, sole traders, companies home deductions 3. Capital gains tax 4. Penalties and fines if you do the wrong thing.
  • IT Contractors - All your tax questions answered.
    It is important that you understand tax requirements for your industry to help you and your business succeed.
  • Working from home during COVID-19
    Our Webinar will explain what working from home tax deductions you can include in your tax return, detailing the COVID-19 80 cents short-cut method, introduced by the government.
  • 12 Best Personal Tax Tips
    Without a doubt, the most common tax question I'm asked is "What can I deduct?", so I'm doing a live webinar on my favourite tax deductions for Personal Tax.