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Why not Twelve?

Twelve Chartered Accountants was founded by Derek Nolan on the simple premise that the traditional accounting firm structure is out-dated, where big is not automatically best.  We believe there is no better advertising truth than that clients want to work with talented people rather than large accounting firms.

Over the past 20 years Derek had held senior roles in some of the most well-known accounting organisations in Australia.  He learnt a few lessons in that time and has seen a shift in the needs of clients away from the traditional relationship between client and accountant towards a more working together partnership - so "Twelve Chartered Accountants" was created.

So when you are tired;

  • of your accountant selling you solutions that make good profit sense for them but not much business sense for you
  • of your accountant being spread so thin he doesn't even know your business let alone your real needs
  • of promised proactive thinking that never arrives

... give us a call and we'll show how an accounting firm that shares your values, morals and ethics and that believes in a true partnership approach, can truly give you what you want.