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The 'First Child Tax Offset', introduced in 2001 by the Australian Government, compensated parents for the reduction in their income following the arrival of a baby born between 1 July 2001 and 30 June 2004. We would like you help in spreading the word about a parent entitlement that many Australians have missed out on.   The Australian Tax Office has now placed a deadline on claiming this offset June 2014. All email enquiries to Twelve Chartered Accountants, must be made before 2 May 2014

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Businesses are beginning to stop employing sole traders to avoid being penalised by the ATO.  Businesses are preferring contractors who are a COMPANY to contractors who are a SOLE TRADER. Read more…

Cloud Accounting is Here!

There is a lot of Online Accounting software becoming available.  They all have great benefits and advantages which will help businesses. But which one is right for you?

We understand that a lot of our clients never really knock off when you run your own business and often with lack of time, your accounts can get a bit behind.  

These new online accounting software programs will not only save you time but will also give you greater flexibility.  We have summarised the advantages for you. Read more…

The Australian Government announced in the 2012 Budget that the ETR will be replaced by the Schoolkids Bonus. Starting from 1 January 2013, this new payment will help families with children at school to pay for expenses such as uniforms, books, school excursions, stationery and other costs like music lessons and sports registration fees.

The difference with this payment is that you will receive two payments per year January and July 2013.  You will no longer need to collect your receipts and claim it when you complete your tax.  It will happen automatically. 

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE?   Read more…


Every year in October we send out letters to our clients about Audit Insurance (Audit Shield) and why you should take up this offer.  We are alarmed with how few of our clients actually take it up.

So please before you put the letter in the bid, read it.  We can promise you that we will only send your letters, email etc. that you NEED to read and action.   Read more…

How to get a new Logo for your business.

Have you seen our new Logo?

For years we have been thinking of getting a new logo, but the time and effort you need to spend was just something not of a priority and really where do you start. Well if we know how important a business logo is to as business, we would have done this years ago.
                               New Logo                           Old Logo

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We are now on Facebook

We are finally on Facebook.  If you have not already liked our page have a look http://www.facebook.com/TwelveCharteredAccountants.  We will be posting updates, articles and information.  Don't miss out, if may be something that affects you.

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Are your Contractors Really Employees? Don’t get caught out

This can be a grey area and it is important that the right distinction is made as different legal and tax obligations apply.

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