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files/images/content/TaxNews/October_Scam_Alert.jpgScam AlertScammers are contracting people to say they have a tax debt and that they must pay immediately: This is not true.free_stuff/tax_news/tax_news_101
files/images/content/TaxNews/hiring_people_ATO.jpgHiring people over the holiday season?Message from the ATO - If you're hiring extra workers for the busy holiday season, it's important to get a few things straight first so you're not left with any costly surprises in the New Year.free_stuff/tax_news/tax_news_202
files/images/content/TaxNews/ActiveKids/tax_news_activekids.jpgDo you have a child that plays sport?Find out how to claim your sporting activity voucher and eligible sporting activities.free_stuff/tax_news/sports_voucher_-_active_kids03
files/images/content/TaxNews/SingleTouchApril2085.jpgDo you need to use Single Touch Payroll?Do you employee more than 20 employees? Find out what you need to know to work out if you have to report through Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018.free_stuff/tax_news/tax_news_404
files/images/content/TaxNews/FuelCredits_April2018.jpgSimplified fuel tax creditsDo you claim fuel tax credits for fuel you use in your heavy vehicle, farm equipment, or other machinery for your business?free_stuff/tax_news/simplified_fuel_tax_credits05
files/images/content/TaxNews/familyassistantpayments_2018.jpgDon't miss out on your Family Assistance PaymentsAre you entitled to or receive family assistance payments for 2016/17? Make sure you and if applicable, your spouse 2017 tax returns are lodged by 30 June 2018. Please read message from the ATO>free_stuff/tax_news/family_tax_benefits06
files/images/content/TaxNews/bus_deductions.jpgWhat you need to know about deductions!When working out what business deductions to claim this tax time, it's important to remember the three golden rules:free_stuff/tax_news/what_you_need_to_know_about_deductions_07
files/images/content/TaxNews/Paid_constructions.jpgPaid any building and construction contractors?If your main business activity is in the building and construction industry and you paid contractors for building and construction services in the 2017-18 financial year, your report is due by 20 August 2018.free_stuff/tax_news/paid_any_building_and_construction_contractors08