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Contractors or Employees? Make sure you get it right and get a review

July 1st is fast approaching and it's that time of year again, where the Australian Tax Office will be looking more closely at businesses to review whether their contractors are really employees.

Determining whether you are hiring a contractor or an employee might seem like a no brainer, however it is a complex process and most businesses do not understand how this affects Payroll Tax, PAYG Tax, Superannuation and Workers Compensation.  Businesses are getting it seriously wrong and consequently having to pay huge penalties.

The rules are always changing, so a contractor one year, may not be a contractor the following, this may be due to a slight change in their role that seems insignificant to you but not to the Australian Tax Office. It is important that employees and contractors are reviewed each year.

So...don't stress, we have you covered.

We are committed to ensuring that businesses has the MOST up-to-date documents, checklist and processes to ensure they understand and follow the rules when hiring and also to review current employees and contractors.  We want to protect you from unnecessary penalties and expenses.

As we have never worked with your business before, we have a special offer for you this June/July to highlight and review your employee and contractor agreements, and consult with you about the issues you as an employer need to be aware of.   

This will include:

  • Face to Face consultation with the business owner and any HR staff
  • Employee vs Contractors checklist
  • Access to our online contractors evaluation questionnaire
  • Follow-up meeting to review evaluation findings and recommendations

Our special price is only $297.00 plus GST

A small amount to pay for piece of mind.

We strongly believe that an independent review, will best determine your employees and contractors situation.  

Hurry to book with us, as we do become booked out.  Either email info@twelve.com.au or give us a call today on 02 9524 27444 to protect your business.